If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it

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Polar Technology’s EarthmarkTM Program provides measurable and quantifiable compliance-driven refrigerant life cycle management of refrigerants or refrigerant systems.  An Earthmark system is fully compliant, operationally efficient and environmentally responsible.

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Your energy management and environmental stewardship programs are not complete unless you have a plan for the maintenance of your cooling equipment and for the proper disposition of the used refrigerant gases in your cooling systems and chillers.

  • Earthmark is free.
  • Earthmark requires no additional paperwork or handling.
  • Earthmark accommodates all current contractor relationships.

Polar has a national network of distributors and wholesalers who participate in the Refrigerant Reclamation, Recovery and Recycling program for customers, thereby making it easy to incorporate refrigerants in your environmental stewardship program and reduce the Carbon footprint of your business operations.  These distributors and wholesalers are the companies your technicians and contractors work with on a daily basis.